Children's Activity Camp near Barnet, Enfield, Southgate North London

North London's Favourite Activity Camp For Children Aged 6-14

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Who is manager of Orion Activity Camps?

Our camp manager is the lovely Nick, who is also the Director/ Owner of Orion Activity Camps.

Nick is himself from North London and attended school in Barnet. Currently Nick is Head of Games at Belmont School in Mill Hill having qualified as teacher many years ago. Having attended many camps himself as a child and being a parent, Nick is extremely passionate about Orion and excited to be able to deliver high quality activities to children in the area.

Nick is always actively involved in Camp and you will always find him somewhere about at our camp.

Where is the camp held?

Orion Activity camps is held at East Barnet School, which has some impressive indoor and outdoor facilities that we are very fortunate to have access to. From state-of-the-art dance studios and science labs to impressive sports facilities, from astro to trampolines. We are also surrounded by a lot of greenery which is fantastic for nature trails and outdoor pursuits.

Address: East Barnet School, 5 Chestnut Grove, Barnet EN4 8PU

There is plenty of onsite parking for drop off and pick up.

Where should I go when I arrive at camp?

When you arrive at camp, please make your way to the main reception of the school, where you will be greeted by members of the Orion team. We will register your child and you can then leave them in our safe hands for a day of fun.
At registration you can also pay any outstanding balances and speak with a member of staff if you need to about your child.

How do I pay for Orion Activity Camps?

When making your booking online, you have several options, you can pay in full via paypal (which you will be automatically directed to) or you can pay a deposit and then pay the remaining balance on your first day at camp. At the moment, we are unable to accept card payments, therefore we would have to take cash or cheque as a payment if you choose to pay the balance on the day.

We now accept Childcare Vouchers. If you do choose to pay by Childcare Vouchers, we must have received cleared funds before the first day of camp, no vouchers can be accepted on the day (please see Childcare Vouchers section of our website).

What should I do before my child starts at camp?

We ask that you check that your deposit has been paid and that you are able to pay the balance by PayPal, cash or cheque on the first day of camp.

It is also essential that we have an up to date key facts form completed for each child before they can be left in our care. This form is available to complete on our website.

Who should I contact on the day if I have an issue?

On the day please feel free to contact the camp manager on 07484808301 and we will do all we can to assist you. If there is no answer (we do get very busy) please leave a voicemail and we will return your call.

What does my child need to bring with them to camp?

Your child will need to bring a packed lunch with them and we encourage a healthy balanced meal. Please also ensure that your child has a bottle of water, this can be refilled using our water fountains. We do run a small tuck shop, should you wish to send your child with a small amount of money so that they can purchase snacks. We would also ask you to ensure that no nuts are packed for lunch/ snacks.

Should we be fortunate to have hot weather, then we do ask you to apply sun cream ahead of bringing your child to camp.

What should my child wear?

We ask all parents to ensure that children are dressed in sensible and comfortable clothing for camp and wearing trainers (leave those new and valuable clothing items at home!), a hat if it is sunny and a raincoat if it is wet. If the weather is hot, we do like to have lots of fun with water, so we would ask that a towel and spare clothing is bought to camp.

Please leave all valuables and mobile phones at home.

What activities are available for my child to do?

We pride ourselves on having a huge amount of activities for your child to do, from arts, crafts, science, sports, nature trails, dance and much more. We understand that each child is different and has different interests and therefore each day we will have a different programme and we give the children the choice of what they would like to do.

How are the children grouped at camp?

We like to make sure that children are grouped together according to age as the children get the most out of their time with us in this way. We also know that children like to be with friends, so drop us an email at if there is someone that you specifically want your child to be grouped with and we will ensure that they are grouped together.

What if my child has a medical condition?

We absolutely need to be made aware of anything concerning your child’s health so that we are best placed to take care of your child and make them as comfortable as possible, this includes allergies, diabetes, epilepsy and disability.

Please ensure that this is noted on your key facts form when making your booking and of course we are available for you to speak to before your child joins us for reassurance – the more detail we have, the better!

If your child requires an EpiPen or inhaler then please ensure this is handed into the member of staff that registers your child in the morning.

What if my child is ill at camp?

As qualified teachers (and parents!) and trained in first aid, we can assure you that we are very prepared for any illnesses and accidents that may occur. Should a more serious accident happen at our camp, we will administer first aid first aid and parents/ carers will be notified immediately with our plan for your child and their wellbeing.

Collecting my child

Our standard camp hours are 9:00am to 4:00pm but we do offer a wrap around service at an additional cost from 8:15am (early drop off) to 5:30pm (late pick up).
The only people who will be able to collect your child are those people listed on the key facts form completed and signed by you, unless you have otherwise in writing
given us the name of someone else who is collecting them on a specific day. This is something that we are very strict about and will not release a child with a person
not authorised to collect.

We hope that both you and your child have an enjoyable time with us at our camp.